Advice On Navigating Entrepreneurship from the Creator of Kavi Cosmetix

Advice On Navigating Entrepreneurship from the Creator of Kavi Cosmetix

At 27 years old, with more than 5 years of experience as an entrepreneur in the beauty industry, Kavi Cosmetix owner Xelizabeth Cervantes is continually breaking barriers with her highly recommended skin care products both in and outside of San Antonio, TX.

Kavi Cosmetix promotes healthier living through their all natural products which include but are not limited to; hair oils, lip balms, facial polishes and exfoliators.

At the age of 22 when most young adults are merely contemplating their likes and dislikes in terms of style, the opposite sex, living arrangements etc. Xelizabeth was plotting her transition from over worked massage therapist to well respected business owner. Several years working as a spa employee may have helped to shape her ambitions of self-employment but it was belief in her product and herself that’s kept her motivated for so many years.

Kats Castings briefly chatted with Xelizabeth about her success with Kavi Cosmetix and she also provided advice on how to navigate the overwhelming, ever-unbalanced entrepreneurial atmosphere.

Read full interview below:

When did you decide, ok, this is it, ..this is my passion?
I had already been working in the spa industry and received my degree, but it was after my mother started suffering hair loss that I began formulating on my own.

What was is like cold selling and pitching your products in parking lots to randoms?
It was very discouraging, people are scared to try new products from [unfamiliar] brands and I didn’t feel the support at first. But I thought if I’m uncomfortable, I’m doing something right.

How did you choose which products you wanted to formulate and sell?
I took classes on formulating and selected products that I use in everyday life hence the coffee scrubs and lemon etc. I had some trials until I finally got it right.

What does “Kavi” mean in your own words?
To me it means someone that’s strong, a leader, loves to help others. It comes from India.

What was your biggest entrepreneurial setback or worry when you first started?
It was just starting or having motivation, worrying too much about what other people thought.

What would you say has been your most defining moment or experience?
The fact that I didn’t give up! When I look back, I started by putting my product in mason jars, selling in parking lots, I would drive across town to meet up for a lip balm sale, and here I am now on my second store [placement].

With everything you have going on how do you find the time to balance it all?
I organize by day, schedule by day, one day for shipping, etc etc.

How challenging was it securing contracts for spa placement?
It wasn’t too challenging because my product spoke for itself. My acne products were well recommended by users so the spas actually reached out to me. My goal is to have ‘Kavi’ in 5 spas this year so I’m pitching to salons and doing pop-up events, also recently hired a marketing team which I was against at first.

What’s your favorite product you’ve created thus far?
Definitely the ‘Lemon aid‘ its helped so many people’s skin, its the best skin booster!

Any tips for someone trying to break into the beauty industry or become an entrepreneur?
[Forget] what people think, [forget] what they say, if you fall, get up and do it again until you get it right! Weed out the people that support you/your product vs the ones that don’t. Be yourself, be the real you, people will love you for you, it’s okay to bring something new into the world. Never doubt yourself!

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