Our story

It all started with: A vision, a dream, a thought. KAVI COSMETIX was created with you in mind. The Cosmetic industry has the tools to formulate and pick healthier options. Many natural discoveries that have been made in the cosmetic industry, not only are they natural but also very beneficial for our bodies without striping our skin with harsh chemicals. Seeing the things that have not changed in the cosmetic industry like using petroleum jelly in lip balms or harsh preservatives. This problem has motivated us to discover something that can make you feel safe, confident, and comfortable in your bare skin without covering up or using heavy chemically formulated skin care. Our goal is for you, the consumer to “JUST BE YOU” feeling confident in your own skin whether you love makeup or the bare look. It took years of trials and fails to formulate the best products for our consumers. For every mistake there was a lesson learned and a clear path to be a better company in the harsh world of beauty knowing that only 100 ingredients are banned from cosmetic lines in the United States made us realize we need to be safe and use gentle ingredients for our consumers. Because we care we have made it possible to satisfy our consumers with natural formulas a better feeling and a healthier lifestyle.

Founder of Kavi Cosmetix

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